My Story

I have always been in love with capturing images. There is something very empowering about stopping and preserving a sliver of time. As a child, I switched from drawing images to capturing them with a camera.  Ever since that day photography has been the way for me to express my creativity. I am a self-taught photographer, but I do have a BFA degree in Visual Communications. I've learned and continue to learn the technical aspects of photography by reading and taking a lot of pictures. I am not afraid of failure so I don't mind experimenting with the traditional rules of photography. I am constantly striving to improve myself as a photographer and as an artist. Now that I have shot several weddings, sports, and other events, I now want to do some assisting work  (pro-bono) with some professional photographers and some freelance work to gain more experience. I’m currently working on formulating a presentable portfolio. My ultimate goal is to eventually become a professional photographer with an emphasis on events, family portraits, and weddings. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. Feel free to browse through the various galleries. You can purchase prints from most of the galleries as well. Content is updated daily. Feel free to also follow my two blogs ("samuelsvisions" and "visual-art") Comments are welcomed and appreciated. I can be reached at or (757)570-2142..

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